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Features of ChatWithPDF

ChatWithPDF is packed with unique features that make it so good. Here are some of them:

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Chat With PDF or Document

Interact directly with your PDFs! Ask questions and get instant answers with our AI-driven Chat With PDF feature. No more sifting through pages—just chat and learn.

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Summarize YouTube Videos

Quickly digest YouTube content with our AI summaries. Paste a link or use Chrome Extention(coming soon), and get a concise overview, key insights, timestamped insights in seconds, saving you time and keeping you informed.

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Summarize PDFs or Documents

Overwhelmed by long documents? Use our summarization tool to get to the core ideas fast with paragraph summaries, key insights etc. Perfect for efficient studying or quick reviews.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Interact with multiple documents simultaneously from your knowledge base, allowing you to ask questions and receive precise, AI-driven answers from various sources at once.

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Chrome Extension

Enhance your browsing with the ChatWithPDF Chrome Extension (coming soon). Interact with online PDFs or youtube videos directly in your browser—no downloads necessary.

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Scientific Explanations

Understand complex calculations with ease. Our AI explains scientific concepts from your documents in simple terms. You can just simply select the required area.

ChatWithPDF: Your AI-Driven Study and Work Assistant

Whether you're a researcher, professional, or student, ChatWithPDF simplifies your workflow by allowing you to chat with PDFs, summarize documents, and analyze YouTube videos for essential insights.

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For Researchers

Dive deep into complex PDFs with ease. Ask questions, extract data, and gain insights quickly—ChatWithPDF turns hours of research into minutes of interaction.

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For Professionals

Tackle business contracts without the complexity. Simplify terms, extract essential points, and understand your agreements clearly. ChatWithPDF makes contract review straightforward and stress-free.

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For Students

Engage with your study materials on a whole new level. Prepare notes efficiently, clarify concepts, and get straightforward answers to tough questions. ChatWithPDF is your go-to for easier learning and better comprehension.

Trusted by People like You

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our users have to say about their experience with ChatWithPDF


ChatWithPDF has transformed how I study. I can ask my textbooks questions and get instant answers. It's like having a personal tutor available 24/7!


Olivia Turner

I often work with documents in PDF format usually, and the functionality offered by ChatWithPDF not only made my daily life a lot easier but also prompted by to write this review. I like how convenient this tool is and how quickly I can find the necessary information even inside huge files.


Eva Williams

I deal with extensive documents daily as a researcher. ChatWithPDF allows me to extract key information and insights better. It's an invaluable tool for my research.


Ethan Brooks

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